Summer Photo Talk - Beyond the Rules with Elizabeth Nodwell


The event was held on August 26, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Beyond "the Rules": Neither rules nor perfect technique make an exciting photograph. But what does?

While perfect technical execution can make a photograph stunning, that in itself doesn’t make a great photo. And are there rules that need to be followed? If the photo doesn’t also have something else going for it, something that gives it a presence, makes it engaging or captures the imagination, we may pass over it quickly. Sometimes that something else is elusive, hard to pinpoint, but we usually know it when we see it.   I will be showing some of my photos in which I have sometimes consciously and sometimes serendipitously abandoned perfection in the search for an interesting photograph, and we will discuss what might make a great photo.


The joy of photography for me comes from seeing, experiencing and expressing the world around me. I always photograph spontaneously, rarely posing or setting up the subject. The resulting image itself can be a surprise - when it holds the moment that spoke to me, or when it has captured something even more.  I aim to tell a story, or to evoke a mood or feeling.  

Evelyn has had several solo exhibits, as well as participated in joint exhibits, featuring work ranging from photojournalistic to abstract high key. She has had photos published, and has given numerous photography workshops and presentations.  Evelyn’s photographs have won awards, including a category first place in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition:

As an anthropologist and independent filmmaker, Evelyn has worked in British Columbia and India.  Based on her research in both places, she produced two television documentaries in collaboration with Knowledge Network. 


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