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October, 2021
October, 2021
October 2021
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Program Night: Before and After Edits (7:00 PM PDT)
Have you ever wondered how they created that image? Join us this evening as our fellow club members walk us through how a particular photograph is transformed from a Raw or Jpeg file straight out of the camera into an award winning thing of beauty. ***This event is for MEMBERS ONLY*** Thinking of joining Langley Camera Club? Click Here for more details or drop an email to
Special Interest Group (SIG) - Creative (7:00 PM PDT)
PLEASE NOTE:  ZOOM INVITE WILL BE LOCATED IN VISUAL PURSUITS UNDER "MEMBERS ONLY".FILES TO DOWLOAD>ZOOM LINKS and LOOK FOR THE MEETING DESCRIBING SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP - CREATIVE AND THE DATE OF THE MEETING. For tonight's meeting please be prepared to share 1 or 2 images with the group and have a brief explanation of what apps or techniques you used to make the images.  All participants will have the option of screen sharing.  To screen share, please make sure you have your image opened on your desktop.  When you click on "Screen Share" another box will pop up with the image that you want to share. Just click and share!  Have fun!  If you don't feel comfortable sharing your screen, you can email you images directly to Marlene Reimer at Creative Photography is for anyone who is interested in taking their photography to another level, adding new dimensions to their workflow, exploring new and fun ways to make those photos sparkle and work within a small group to learn, share and grow in whatever genre you shoot, landscape, macro, portraiture, long exposure, etc.  This group is open to all club members and will open the creative floodgates to new and endless possibilities. This group is not a teacher led group, rather it is a way for LCC members to explore, share, learn and encourage creativity together.  There is only one rule for this group:  You must have taken the original photograph.  After that any type of processing is encouraged, you may use whatever style of processing your wish.  All post processing apps can be used and additional elements can be added to the photos.  Whether your creativity shines in-camera or in post processing, out of the box thinking is what this group is all about. Outings and other special events can take place as we are able.  Come prepared to learn, share and experiment together.  We will be able to share our creations with the club on special SIG presentation nights.
Speaker Series featuring Cole Thompson - Why Black & White? (7:00 PM PDT)
Throughout the month of October, we are taking a deep dive into the magical world of Black and White photography. To kick us off in spectacular style, Cole Thompson will make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject…except for one. Cole will show work from his various portfolios including: The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau Harbinger Ceiling Lamps Moai, Sitting for Portrait The Lone Man  And others Interspersed between the images Cole will share his photographic philosophies, such as: Never listen to others Photographic Celibacy Coles Rule of Thirds Equipment is overrated Vision is the most important tool in my toolbox And many others! At the end of his presentation Cole will answer questions and give away a print of The Angel Gabriel Bio: Cole Thompson is uniquely unqualified to speak on photography. “I’ve never taken a photography class or a workshop. I don’t have a degree in art. I’ve never worked as a photographer. I don’t have gallery representation. I’m not a Canon Explorer of Light. And I only have three lenses and none of them are primes. Do I have any qualifications? Just one…my images. Nothing else matters.” ***This event is for MEMBERS ONLY***  Thinking of joining Langley Camera Club? Click Here for more details or drop an email to
Workshop: Saturday workshops with Lee Nordbye - Day 1 (9:00 AM PDT)
Workshop in Monochrome PLEASE NOTE:  ZOOM INVITE IS LOCATED IN VISUAL PURSUITS UNDER "MEMBERS ONLY">FILES TO DOWNLOAD>ZOOM LINK DOORS WILL OPEN AT 8:50am THIS SESSION WILL BE RECORDED, SO IF YOU CAN'T WATCH ON SATURDAY, CONTACT TOM KEIGHER BY EMAIL AT: and he will give you the link to the session.  This link cannot be shared and will only be available for a 2 week time period. Do not miss out on this three day workshop with Lee Nordbye on Monochrome Landscape.  The first workshop is October 16, 2021 at 9:00AM Were excited to have Lee Nordbye lead all three Saturday workshops focusing on Monochrome with an emphasis on storytelling in landscape. The skills he will demonstrate for us, and with some interactive work on our part, we will be apply the new skills to any genre and can use these for our club monochrome submissions in December. This will be three separate workshops scheduled for three Saturdays in a row, you will need to register for each one separately.  Link to Lee's Website:  Workshop to Cover: 1.  Workshop homework for participant    2.  Planning the day; Subject, Places, and planning for B&W before you even go to shoot    3.  Field setup and prep    4.  How to choose vision 5.  Types of equipment 6.  Prep the tools 7.  Long Exposure, ND Filters 8.  Post Processing, tools he uses and demonstrates how to 9.  Share a photo with participants to test their skills with knowledge 10.  How to process B&W, not just hit the button and a little contrast 11.  Make the image pop 12.  Will give homework with each secession THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY
LCC Coffee and Cameras - Trout Lake Fall Colours - CANCELLED (1:00 PM PDT)
----------------------------- This Outing has been CANCELLED  ------------------- Bring your lawnchair and beverage to John Hendry Park, often informally named Trout Lake Park. It's a 27 acre park located in Vancouver along Victoria Drive between 13th Avenue and 19th Avenue.  The lake is a focal point of the park.  With several different types of deciduous trees including maples, weeping willow, oak, birch and cherry, Trout Lake offers an explosion of different autumn colours that can be photographed from several lovely vantage points along the lake or from the pathways through the park itself.  Meet at the North end of the Lake near a small beach. There is parking at the end of Templeton Drive. There is easy access to the lake from there and lots of colourful trees near the parking area.
Evaluation Night - Anything on Wheels (7:00 PM PDT)
Evaluation Night - Theme-Anything on Wheels Evaluation and presentation of October Theme and Open images. Presented over Zoom. Guests and potential members are welcome to attend this meeting to see what the club is all about. To request a link to the meeting, send an email to:
Special Interest Group (SIG) - Infrared Photography (7:00 PM PDT)
PLEASE NOTE:  ZOOM INVITE WILL BE LOCATED IN VISUAL PURSUITS UNDER "MEMBERS ONLY".FILES TO DOWLOAD>ZOOM LINKS and LOOK FOR THE MEETING DESCRIBING SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP -  'INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY'  AND THE CORRECT DATE.  LCC Infrared SIG will be an opportunity to share techniques, receive feedback and learn together, such as sharing the various methods of post processing and trying to overcome any issues yo may have capturing the image. Our group will also be an opportunity for those unfamiliar with IR to get a better understanding of the genre and how it might fit in with their photography style. For the first meeting: Those with infrared images:  2 Requests 1) Please send me an image "as shot" and the same image "finished all post processing".  If you have a colour example AND black & white example, please send both (preferably different images)  2)  Be prepared (write down) the software you are using to post process your IR images..including any "PS actions" or downloaded conversion software. For those who do not have IR images:  Welcome and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Contact me for clarifications, more details and to send your images.
Special Interest Group (SIG) - ICM and Abstract (7:00 PM PDT)
ZOOM LINK CAN BE FOUND UNDER MEMBERS ONLY>DOCUMENTS AND FILES TO DOWNLOAD>2021-2022 ZOOM LINKS FOR MEETINGS ICM and Abstract are two very interesting forms of photography.  They can both be achieved in camera or in post.  Join us for casual demonstrations, discussions and new techniques.  We will present online images and videos on different techniques to give you new ideas. We may ask you to do homework and might have our own outings. We will ask you to share your images and discuss "how they were captured".  Ten people can go out and capture the same thing in ten different ways.  We hope you will join us on Zoom. Ken and Betty
Awards Night (7:00 PM PDT)
We will be celebrating achievements from the 2020-2021 year and the club’s 60th year!  The trophy’s are bought and engraved and the certificates are printed.  Our theme is Diamond Jubilee and we are asking people to wear their finest black and white attire!   This is our first in person meeting and VACCINE CERTIFICATES ARE REQUIRED and MASKS ARE MANDATORY. We will have tables of six people and rather than having a pot luck, we are asking people to bring a treat for the six people at your table only.  We will supply a bottle of sparkly for each table. An email will be sent out a week before informing the trophy and certificate winners.  If you are receiving an award, be sure to attend, if you don’t please come out to celebrate the winners!   Please register!
Special Interest Group (SIG) - Comments, Critiques and Techniques (7:00 PM PDT)
PLEASE NOTE:  ZOOM INVITE WILL BE LOCATED IN VISUAL PURSUITS UNDER "MEMBERS ONLY".FILES TO DOWLOAD>ZOOM LINKS and LOOK FOR THE MEETING DESCRIBING SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP - COMMENTS, CRITIQUES AND TECHNIQUES AND THE CORRECT DATE.  This will be a casual, conversational and supportive get together.   The basis of the group is to discuss images and generate conversation surrounding the images.  This conversation can be anything from asking for, or giving feedback on how to improve an image.  It can include talking about techniques involved when taking the picture, or techniques for future attempts, helping someone decide which image to submit for a competition, if, for example they are having a hard time deciding.  We can also discuss upcoming competitions and evaluation nights, and whether your image is suitable for the theme.  If someone wants to share their image and talk about their process, that is fine too.  At some point in time, we can also look at some images that have won CAPA awards and see what type of images does well.  PLEASE REMEMBER THIS NIGHT IS TO HELP PEOPLE AND DOES NOT ENSURE YOU WILL GET A HIGH SCORE ON EVALUATION NIGHT! For the first meeting, each participant can bring one to four images to discuss and will use the "screen share" option on Zoom.    Depending on how many people attend, we may only get to one of your images or maybe we can discuss all. We will have these meetings prior to the end of each month and a week or so before evaluation nights.
Special Interest Group (SIG) Wildlife/Birds (7:00 PM PDT)
PLEASE NOTE:  ZOOM INVITE WILL BE LOCATED IN VISUAL PURSUITS UNDER "MEMBERS ONLY".FILES TO DOWLOAD>ZOOM LINKS and LOOK FOR THE MEETING DESCRIBING SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Let's explore the joy of photographing wildlife.  We can learn new techniques from each other.  Please send me a bird photo and as a group will will discuss each image. Send images for discussion to:  Carla Hamilton or phone at:  604-240-7880

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