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February, 2021
February, 2021
February 2021
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Executive Meeting (7:00 PM PST)
The executive meets every other month to manage the business of the club. There will be no club meeting tonight. Individual members may request a Zoom invitation to observe an Executive meeting, or arrange to make a presentation to the Executive.
Development Night - Your Photo - My Edit (7:00 PM PST)
My Photo – Your Edit Wednesday, Feb. 10 7:00 PM This is an exercise in post processing of photographs using RAW files. My Photo You can email ( one of your RAW files (one photo sent in per member) or send your RAW file by WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a free program that sends large files easily. The RAW photo you send in should have serious exposure or focus issues. Your photo can come from any genre of photography, landscapes, portraits, street, macro, etc. We will select about 20 photos. This will be extremely helpful to those who are unsure of how to bring the best out in your photograph in post processing. You must have your RAW photo to Sheena by this Friday, February 5th by 6:00 PM. Your Edit A wetransfer link will be sent out to all members so that the RAW files can be downloaded. Members can choose one or more photos to post process using their personal workflow and signature style. Once you are happy with your edit of the photo, save as a competition sized JPG. Use your name as the file name and upload it to the designated gallery on VP. Your finished JPG must be submitted to the MyPhotoYourEditFEB Gallery by Tuesday, February 9th at 6:00 PM. We will look at the original unprocessed image and then look at the different takes people have on the same images. We will discuss the different ways post processing effect photos and have people share their tips and tricks. Rules You may use any software. Do not add any elements to the photo, this is not an exercise in creating composites. You may change anything about the photo in post processing, but it must still be recognizable as the original photograph. If you have any issues submitting your finished JPG to the VP gallery please contact Kayla at
Evaluation Night - Opulent (7:00 PM PST)
Evaluation Night - Theme Opulent Evaluation and presentation of Febuary Theme and Open images. Presented over Zoom. Guests and potential members are welcome to attend this meeting to see what the club is all about. To request a link to the meeting, send an email to our president Sheena Wilkie.
Development Night - Preparing and Submitting Photos to Win, Place or Show (7:00 PM PST)
Preparing and Submitting Photos to Win, Place or Show To be successful in having your photographs seen and perhaps win awards, it is important to know and understand the rules of preparing and submitting photos. Competitions, contests, publications, and galleries all have different rules, criteria, and expectations. Join us for a evening of discussions on these topics. We will have presentations on Evaluation Night, Lorna Scott, Outside Competitions, Carla Hamilton, CAPA Competitions, Director of Competitions, Sheldon Boles, and Galleries, Amy Dyck, Manager at the Langley Arts Council and visual artist. This promised to be an informative and entertaining evening.

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